Cake and Buttercream Flavors

Slice of Swiss chocolate cakeNot only a gorgeous cake on the outside, but gorgeous on the inside as well. We are an all-scratch bakery. We never use mixes, shortening and nor artificial flavors. We use only top quality ingredients that you will taste immediately on the first bite. We use local butter, real fruit puree (nothing artificial), and fine imported chocolate from Switzerland and Belgium.

Cake Flavors

  • White Velvet Moist and flavorful vanilla cake made with Madagascar vanilla bean
  • Rich Chocolate Intensely flavorful and moist chocolate cake made with the darkest cocoa available
  • Strawberry velvet Cake fresh puree gives this cake it’s natural flavor and pretty in pink color
  • Coconut   extra moist gets its rich flavor from coconut milk and finely ground sweetened coconut
  • Meyers lemon Our white velvet cake infused with the addition of Meyers lemon 
  • Autumn Spice cake: Old fashioned spiced apple cake
  • Pink Champagne Subtle champagne flavor in a soft white velvet cake
  • Mocha     Our white velvet infused with espresso
  • Almond crumb cake ( aka Mascotte which is a french wedding cake) Moist and light cake flavoring from toasted ground almonds and rum
  • Red Velvet Delicious blend of chocolate and vanilla cake with the signature red color


Signature Buttercream Flavors

Cake with pink buttercreamOur Buttercream is a traditional Swiss meringue recipe made simply with real butter, fresh eggs and sugar.




  • Vanilla flavored with Real Madagascar vanilla bean
  • Chocolate made with rich dark Swiss Chocolate
  •  Seasonal Berry your choice of fresh raspberry, marionberry, blueberry or strawberry puree
  • Salted Caramel flavored with fleur de sel and homemade caramel
  • Espresso Vanilla buttercream enhanced with the addition of freshly pressed Italian espresso
  • Dark or white chocolate mousse
  • White Chocolate Hazelnut  made with Swiss white chocolate infused with Oregon hazelnut liquor
  • Coconut cream
  • Meyer Lemon, Lime or curd
  • Fruit mousses: choose from strawberry, raspberry, or Meyer lemon
  • Fruit compote: choose from strawberry, raspberry, pineapple or marionberry
  • Champagne: infused with pink champagne
  • Praline Buttercream your choice of Oregon hazelnut or almond

Cake Finish

We offer Fondant and/ or Italian buttercream. To achieve an extra level of flavor and to keep the cakes moist, we first cover our fondant cakes in a layer of buttercream. This provides the foundation for a flawless fondant covering.

We also offer a covering of purely Swiss meringue buttercream instead of fondant covering.

Dreamy cake combinations…in case you are indecisive

In case you just can’t decide on limiting yourself to just one flavor in your cake, we offer you some dreamy cake combinations that are sure to make your mouth water. Take a look at some of the combinations that we can do:

  • French mascot, moist dense almond cake iced and filled with handmade praline Italian buttercream
  • strawberry cake with strawberry mousse iced with white chocolate Italian buttercream
  • coconut cake with pineapple curd iced with brown sugar Italian buttercream
  • chocolate cake with chocolate truffle filling and chocolate mouse iced with chocolate Italian buttercream
  • Meyer lemon bergamot cake iced with blood orange italian buttercream