Crêpe Cakes make a show stopping appearance

Crêpe cakes are beautiful in their simplicity and a unique dessert alternative to any event.

My signature crêpe cakes feature 30 paper thin handmade crepes, using a French family recipe that has won awards in France and throughout the world. The cake is created by layering your choice of vanilla custard, chocolate mousse, Nutella or homemade Meyer lemon curd between each crêpe.

The top is decorated with chocolate shavings, candied lemon rind, hazelnuts or berries. 

Crêpe cake size and costs

The 8” cakes can serve up to 18 guests and are $80.00.

Custom crêpe cakes

Stacked hazelnut and chocolate crepe cake
Choose your favorite flavor and top with some gorgeous blooms.

If you want to make a spectacular and lasting impression on your guests, why not customize your crêpe cake? I can top your cake with handmade gorgeous flowers of your choosing. I can stack the crêpe cakes for a more dramatic entrance. Or, what about my popular crêpe cakes dessert tables in all the flavors? Your guests will love it! 


Through it all, you were always so professional, warm, and helpful. Thank you!! The gorgeous crepe cakes you made for us were definitely one if the highlights of the whole day – our guests are still talking about them! We are so grateful and relieved that we used your services, and strongly recommend that others do the same. Thanks again for helping give us such a beautiful day!  - K & D Adams