Tasting Swiss Pâtisserie

Chocolate Swiss patisserie at The Dolder

Tasting the Best of Swiss Pâtisserie

Welcome to my very first blog post about Swiss Patisserie! It has been a long time coming, but as any small business owner knows; it’s not always easy to keep all the balls up in the air at once. But, here I am! And what better first post than my birthday celebration in Zurich, Switzerland this past November with friends. 

Europe is where I rediscovered my passion for pastries and desserts. Their pastries are not only works of art, but also mouth-wateringly good. I found it difficult making the first cut into each exquisite pâtisserie, but after that first bite I no longer cared about ruining the beautiful pastry. They were just too good. 

The Dolder Grand Hotel Lobby Café

I travelled to Zurich, Switzerland in November to celebrate by 50th birthday with some dear friends. It’s my second home and where I lived for 14 years of my life, and I worked as a dental hygienist (yes folks, I do see the irony that I now create sugary desserts).  My friend, Tamara, took me on a bit of pâtisserie tour so I could experience all the new pastry cafés that had opened since my last visit to Zurich. What a tasty tour it was!

The highlight of the Swiss pâtisserie tour was at The Dolder Grand Hotel Lobby Cafe. The hotel is situated high above Zurich with incredible views over the lake and city. It was especially pretty when we were there as it was all decked out in its Christmas glory. It’s truly a special place that most can only dream about staying in, because room rates are only for the richest of the rich, but luckily you can enjoy tea and pastries without breaking the bank. For an hour or two, you can pretend that you are staying there. 

Red pillar candles & cranberry wreath

The Christmas decor was beautiful! Definitely less is more and go for the dramatic – like this stunning center piece in the middle of the room – in my favorite color! Seven pilar red candles in a cranberry wreath. I wanted to take it home. Then the view from the lounge is stunning over the Lake of Zurich with the mountains in the back. 

View of Zurich from The Dolder Hotel Lobby window

Old fashioned tea service

Our tea was served in beautiful fine Bone China tea cups with saucers and tea pots. How often do you see that any more? The tea pots, cups and saucers were exquisite with metallic gold painted tree branches. 


I had a Botanic Garden green tea with lemon grass and raspberry…very nice. Tamara had Jasmine tea.  Tamara insisted that I try one of The Dolder’s own infamous house made popper chocolates. I got quite a surprise! I experienced crackling and popping in my mouth for about a minute after I ate it. Fun! But next came the pastries that not only looked amazing, but tasted incredible. We ate very slowly savouring each bite.

Chocolate Swiss pastry

Chocolate patisserie

I couldn’t resist the caramel mousse with lemon curd on a almond tart dough and it was covered with a caramel glaze. Tamara had a chocolate mousse Swiss Patisserie with a layer of chocolate truffle on an almond tart dough and covered in a chocolate glaze. Delicious doesn’t seem to be the right word to describe how good they were…heavenly might be a better description. 

Tracy Van Orden owner of Dreamin' DessertsHere I am feeling very happy and satisfied! Thanks for stopping by and reading my post. If you are feeling inspired, why not check out my dessert tables for one of your events? 



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